Das wirst Du glauben

I, upper rain­bow
(in heights i rise)
me and grea­ter beings
my fri­end in bei­jing
he makes people sing
every dark hour i swing
lines writ­ten lines ago
because i´m a secret dan­cer
my bones are shaking
naked i´m drea­ming
the girl is true
i rest on her morning
i pre­fer brea­t­hing for blee­ding
but there won´t be any life
wit­hout wounds
hurt your­self before you don´t hurt your­self
in fact, im mad — but never­mind
the rest of them are far behind
out of the shade, out of shape
never­mind, hands up for love
be down with people
jump in liquids — at least — try
this is how it should be done
krei­sel­fahr­ten landeinwärts